Skincare tips for elderly

Generally, as people age there are a lot of changes that takes place to the skin making it more susceptible to skin diseases and skin infections. Since it becomes thinner and dryer, it is easily subjected to injuries and takes quite sometimes to heal. The common skin problems encountered by the elderly include: purplish skin pots, itching, drying, scaling, skin infections, and also cancerous growths and noncancerous skin growths.  When you get older you may consider surgeries to help your skin look younger. Plastic surgery in Dallas is growing ever day. Therefore, skincare for elderly is very important so as to prevent any of this conditions occurring.


For the elderly to achieve their skincare, the following tips are helpful:

  1. Having the right nutrition.

Eating the right foods is very vital in ensuring the best skincare since the skins has got nutritional need that are unique in nature. The seniors should particularly take nutritional foods that are specifically rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. In order to achieve a naturally radiant healthy skin, the elderly have diets which includes the following: Green vegetables, melons, avocados, salmon and walnuts.

  1. Drinking Lots of Water

Skin dryness being among the major skin problem experienced by the elderly, drinking plenty of water helps eradicate this challenge completely since the water helps in maintaining the skin hydrated. Also the water acts as antioxidants agent by flushing out toxins that may cause skins infections.

  1. Sun protection

Sun mainly endangers the skin by drying it out causing it to wrinkle and develop spots at a faster rate. Moreover, skin over exposure
to sun can lead to skin cancer. To ensure a healthy and a soft skin, the elderly should wear protective clothing especially when there are adverse weather conditions such as during the summer. They should limit their sun exposure and invest in excellent sunscreen and sunblock.

  1. skin-care-1Using Natural Skin Products

Normally, a large number of skin care products are manufactured with various chemicals and ingredients that are heavily processed that cause more harm than good to the skin especially for the elderly. Therefore, it is very essential to use natural skin care products which include, vitamin A&E, Aloe Vera, cucumber extracts, coconut oil, olive oil and natural antioxidants. Nevertheless, contrary to the many chemically engineered skin care products, natural products are relatively affordable, healthier and more effective in keeping the skin youthfully soft.

  1. Using a Humidifier

To eliminate the problems of skin redness and cracking experienced by elders with dry skins, they should use room humidifiers during both winter and summer seasons.

  1. Stop Smoking

Apart from many other health effects it causes, smoking wrinkles the skin making it leathery and drier. Any elderly person therefore needs to stop smoking in order to improve their skincare and also feel better and much younger.  

7.Sleeping on the Back

With the variety of ways that anybody can sleep, skincare experts and medical researchers have practically discovered that often the
people who sleep facing their pillows regularly pressurizing their faces develop a lot more wrinkles than those who sleep on their back. Sleeping on the back therefore becomes the best option for the elderly pursuing to improve their skincare since it will reduce skin wrinkling.

  1. Regularly Trimming the Nails. 

In order to avoid inflicting themselves with scratches, the elderly should always keep their nails trimmed. Basically, a lot of people unintentionally scratch themselves with nails which may be long and due to the nature of elderly skins of being easily injured and slow to heal, it is advisable for them to always keep their nails trimmed to avoid this challenge.

  1. Avoid lengthy and Excessive washing

Despite being a great way to relax, lengthy and excessive baths causes skin drying out since the elderly skin are no longer a little damp. Generally, most elderly individuals are not overly active and therefore vigorous skin scrubbing is not quite necessary. Essentially, washing the face with water is sufficient. Also you should be avoiding soaps which are harsh and instead use soft and fragrance free soaps when taking bath.

To ensure skincare for the elderly you don’t necessarily have to invest in expensive chemical treatments which are harmful and ineffective instead one should live a natural healthy life and seriously consider and put in action the tips above. The tips will undoubtedly ensure a healthy, soft and younger skin for the elderly.