Tips to refresh your brand using custom stickers

1 – Brand assessment 

One needs to review the current branding status and make the best decisions in order to move forward from the position you are now. This assessment involves taking a look at what the brand says about you, what it looks like at that point, and what the brand is able to deliver. You need to remind yourself of where the future aim is and how the new one needs must ensure the brand moves to greater heights. A strategy can hence be developed to ensure this height is attained. A brand assessment can be performed by the marketing team but in bigger brands and companies m, a market research must be carried out first. The research must be into staff and stakeholder opinions reveal the perception good the brand internally and customer surveys are used to give an insight on the external perception of the company.


Brand name change

Depending on the result of the assessment, the name can be altered. This doesn’t happen often but if the case arises, there might be need to change the name. An ideal situation is a change of product and service range then the new name might suit he new product range.

Also some old companies having long names might want to make them shorter. As shooter names carry more power and are easily remembered.

Logo Development

It is normal for companies to develop logos often as some changes are done in order to infuse a change of perception from the general public. An example is British Petroleum in 2000, they developed their logo from a shield to a flower emblem which had a much greener feel an generally meaning that, they have become more eco friendly and environmentally conscious. Another reason might be to ensure that old fonts and designs are put to an innovative test to it.

Changing or developing a logo means a lot. No matter how little this update might be, it will always create a new perception of the company to the public.

logo design

Brand identity development

if the logo is not chosen t be updated or developed, the identity has to be refreshed to give the. Rand a much desired lift. The identity incorporates all that visually shoots the logo of any graphical representation of the brand that could have been used in adverts or online. Identity change doesn’t necessarily mean changing the brands key colors. Colors tend to be acclimatized with brands using the same magnet stickers after few years. Expanding the color palette can breathe freshly into a brand and an appropriate change in font in critical as well.

Brand tagline reviews

Taglines help the brand express the basic aim and purpose of the business and this also needs to be refreshed. The new tag line should clearly state the company’s positioning and the height it wants to achieve.

Brand guidelines update

Brand guidelines are necessary by companies no matter the size of the document. Guidelines can be used internally to ensure communication is continually delivered. Key guidelines including font and clout as well as email marketing, the social media, press releases. To make the brand stand out, icon suites can be created uniquely.

Since the identity has been refreshed, it doesn’t stop there, the brands marketing materials also have to face refreshment as well.

Web design refreshment

Since the branding is developed, the website design needs to be updated too. Even if a website has had a considerable investment in usability and all current updates must be visually updated to ensure visitors have access to information.

growth-custom stickers

Refresh your marketing and communications materials

After the website has been refreshed, the General public needs to be aware of the updates in the brand. This can mean directly market and sales literature to customer letters and for bigger. Customer awareness campaigns might be carried out in form of radio and television commercials.

We live in a global environment with visual culture, people have reduced patience and everything visually inclined can be effectively analyses at a glance. With the visual competition of companies nowadays, an old logo can begin to look out of date and start to get ignored and losing business potential. The whole face should not look tired and reduce the chances to If it’s looking tired and boring.

Streamline. Simplify. Consistency maintenance .

These are fantastic goals for all effective identity and should breathe fresh air into a brand .