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Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy

We live in a world that believes in working hard and playing harder. The food portions have gone from big to bigger to huge. The people on the younger side of the twenties may not suffer from workplace stress as the people on the older side do. However, the unhealthily large food portions are leading to an alarming rise in the percentage of people who fall into the obese category. This is leading to an alarming rise in the percentage of people who fall into the obese category. So how do you keep fit and healthy at this age and for life?

grandma-2198060_1920Start young. All it takes is a commitment to staying fit and discipline in your eating habits. This is the age when the body is at its fittest and has a high level of stamina.

The early twenties are the best age to start your fitness routine, so you stay in shape for many years to come.


Here are a few tips which can keep your body as young as twenty even at sixty:

a. Eat healthy:

While you might think it’s boring to have a proper balanced diet, following one will ensure that you stay fit and healthy for life. Concentrate more on the proteins and fiber content of your meal. Protein builds lean muscle and fiber stabilizes blood sugar levels.

Most importantly, do not skip breakfast. It is the meal that makes sure that you start the day with your brain all fresh and alert. Though excess fat content in your diet is harmful, it is important that you have some fat in your diet as it is an essential nutrient.

b. Quit smoking:

The warnings on cigarette packs are true. Surveys by tobacco companies show that their consumer market comprises mostly of youth. If you quit now, your body will completely heal itself from the damage done by smoking so far before it is too late

c. Avoid drinking alcohol excessively:

Studies have shown that people at this age have the most problems with moderating their drinking. Excessive drinking can lead to liver and kidney damage or even cancer. So cut down on the alcohol consumption.

d. Get adequate shut-eye:

Sleep is more important than most think it is. It is the time when the body and brain are at rest. It gives your ‘batteries’ a much-needed recharge. Not only do you feel refreshed in the morning, but you also stay fit. Studies have shown that good sleep aids in weight loss. And it beats going through the day irritated and sluggish.

e. Exercise, exercise and more exercise:

Not only does exercising reduce your weight, it strengthens you and builds immunity. Keep up a regular exercise regimen which includes both cardio and weight training. Weight training is often neglected, but it is very much necessary as it helps build muscle mass. Half an hour of exercise a day can do wonders. Although a gym is a good place to start, for those of you who find the machines a hassle, you can practice simple exercises with dumbbells at home. Exercise caution and seek advice from an expert personal trainer before you try anything.

f. Health indicators:

Make sure you check your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar levels regularly so you can combat problems earlier than later.

g. Keep hydrated:

Metabolism works better when your water intake is good. Eight glasses of water a day is great advice to follow. Water is required for most bodily functions. Well, hydrated skin keeps you looking great for years. It flushes out the toxins and keeps your system clean. While it is very vital to drink water, too much of it can cause an imbalance in the level of electrolytes in the body which can have serious consequences.

While the above tips will certainly help you stay fighting fit now and for many years to come. The factor that matters the most is your attitude.  You may always request help from your family and A positive attitude goes a long way in life. Instead of looking at maintaining good health as a tedious chore, find ways to look at its long-time benefits to keep you motivated. Start early and live long.

Wake up to each day with a smile and good cheer. It’s a happy mind that makes a happy body.