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Tips for Hunting Hogs

In the recent past, hog population has been growing increasingly dominant in different parts of the world, causing unnecessary
inconveniences to local residents. For instance, feral hogs which is a
non-native species has been breeding at an alarming rate in most parts of the U.S, causing considerable destruction of crops and wildlife, which in turn has a devastating effect to the general economy of the country. This calls for the need to eradicate them through legal hunting means in accordance with the state hog hunting regulations. As a resident in the hog-infested region, you might need to have a basic mastery of hog hunting skills so as to safely participate in this global effort to regulate the breeding rate of hog species. Read on to discover some of the helpful tips of hunting hogs.

animal-2023335_1280Master hog tracking tactics 

Different hog species such as feral hogs are particularly dangerous and defensive especially when they detect danger. Understanding when it’s opportune to detect and track them is the basis of the whole process of hunting hogs. While planning to go out for hog hunting, you need to be observant and identify signs that can guide you such as rooting and tracks.

If you observe uprooted vegetation and soil, it may indicate the presence of hogs since they usually use their snouts to root down the ground in search for food. Similarly wide and round tracks that
resemble those made by deer may also signify the presence of hogs.

You can as well identify the presence of hogs by keenly observing wallowing near places such as ponds, creeks and other muddy places.

Get out at Night 

As you enter into the field to trap hogs, you will realize that night hunting is more productive than day hunting. This is because hogs, being some of the fast learning animals, have recognized danger in feeding during the day because this is the time they are mostly hunted.
They have therefore shifted to night feeding hence their behavior is commonly nocturnal. In order to effectively have a productive hog-hunting experience, you should consider hunting at night with the aid of suitable lighting equipment such as game alert hog hunting light which can be used to provide momentary lighting or
illumination to identify the presence of hogs and enable you trap them effectively.

However, this is only practical in states that allow for night hog hunting. As Dos Plumas mentioned other states like Texas prohibit hog hunting at night.

Utilize Predator Calls 

Use of predator calls can easily send out hogs from their hiding places into the open. You can produce such sounds while at a downwind position in short bursts and within a short time
they will quickly respond by getting out of their covers. Although this is one effective way of getting them in good position for hunting, you need to keep considerable distance in order to avoid lurking danger because obviously they will be charging and they can injure you if safety precautions are not taken.

You can also use other forms of sounds such as recorded sounds of their distressed piglets. Since they are likely to come quickly to the rescue of their piglets, they will be out in short time. Always remember to maintain safe distance.


Choose the best Hunting Places 

Understanding where you can effectively carry out your hog hunting adventure matters a lot and determines the success of your hunting exercise. Choosing the best places for hunting exposes you to a great hunting population and ultimately contributes to the successful achievement of hunting objectives. For instance, choosing the best regions such as Texas, Florida and Louisiana allows you to hunt the massive hog populations in those regions. Texas is currently a home for the largest population of feral hogs i.e approximately 2.6 million hogs in the state.

Additionally, hunting hogs in states such as Florida allows you to hunt throughout the year, except during the spring turkey season as long as you fulfill necessary requirements such as obtaining a general hog hunting license that legalizes the exercise.
To sum up, hog hunting is not only an adventurous exercise
but also beneficial to the local region, state and the country at large. The above discussed tips are worth mastering if you have to undergo an enriching experience that involves hunting hogs. With time, you will gain more experience in the field and as you advance, you
will learn more hunting tactics as long as you engage your own creativity and combine it with passion. As long as you abide by the state hog hunting regulations you can easily perfect your hunting skills and get the most out of your hunting experience.